Agile Project Management with Scrum

Posted October 3rd, 2007 in Agile and tagged , , , , by aditya

Few months ago Manik suggested me to read about Scrum to see how we can implement it in our organization and prepare a presentation for everyone. I started reading book by Ken Schwaber called ‘Agile Project Management with Scrum’ based on which I developed an understanding for Scrum.

Basically Scrum is a simple approach towards managing complex projects that focuses on early returns with iterative process model and provides high level of flexibility but with few rules that must be followed.

I gave a presentation to everyone, though I am not sure about how much my presentation helped others but I was sure about one thing, that a clear understanding about Scrum and confidence on it can only be gained by practicing it. To be very honest even after reading the book I was not feeling confident enough while presenting Scrum because convincing others to something I have myself never experienced was really something new to me.

Just by chance one day I came to know about scrum society called ‘Scrum Alliance‘ they were providing training on Scrum and that too by well known certified Scrum trainers. Sounds interesting, I told Manik about it and he was also very keen on getting me trained in Scrum. Unfortunately the next Scrum training session was quite far.

We started to implement Scrum with basic activities like daily standup meetings. I was not playing much of role in implementing Scrum but I was finding it really interesting to see others so excited.

As I kept on checking the Scrum Alliance website regularly for updates I noticed that there was an upcoming Scrum training session in Delhi. As I told about this to Manik, he agreed on sending me there.

The training took place at InterContinental Delhi and it was for two days. I really enjoyed the training by Pete Deemer who also co-leads Yahoo!’s large-scale corporate adoption of Scrum. The training was not just talking and talking but it also included exercise to give us better understanding of Scrum. Discussions with other people attending training and Pete were really amazing.

After the training I developed confidence in Scrum and was clear about what Scrum actually is. I am really thankful to Vinsol for giving me this opportunity and making me a CSM (Certified Scrum Master).

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